Orange Organs

Most combo organs are red, right?  Not these!  Breaking the mold, a precious few manufacturers boldly marched forward with another vision for organ color - Orange!   Some of these are more orange than others, and it could be argued that a few are actually photographic illusions, but I thought they made a nice collection anyway.  Why is the background blue?  To make them stand out better! (A "Blue" organ page, with corresponding orange background, is forthcoming - stay tuned).

Click on a picture, and you'll be taken to the regular page where the organ is reviewed (or an enlarged picture, if I haven't set up a page for that organ yet).

Hohner Organetta Hunter

(I've been told that the Hunter is really red)

Eko Micky (sounds sticky!)
Vox Continental 300 (orange-top version)

 It may be argued that most Vox's are orange, but this one just looked more so than the others.  Again, perhaps a photographic illusion.

Titan Accordion.

May not be electronic at all (and certainly not an organ!), but just looked too cool to pass up, what with the reverse-color keys an all.

Farfisa Fast 2