I'm not selling any of this stuff to make money.  It's just a collection of combo-organ related paraphernalia that may be of interest to die-hard combonauts. 

Vintage Keys Accessories

You can get your very own Combo-Organ T-shirt, coffee mug, mouse pad and a few other items at the Vintage Keys shop.  Simon Beck did the artwork, and has set up the shop using the free facilities of (Neither Simon nor I receive any profit from these sales, nor are we affiliated with them - we're just using their services, so please don't contact us if you have customer service issues).

Vintage Keyboard Screen Saver

Simon has also created a "Vintage Keyboards Screen Saver".  It displays various vintage keyboards floating around your screen.  These are hand-drawn renditions that Simon created, and are very accurate in appearance.  He has two versions, a free one that contains 4 keyboards, and another that has about a dozen (I'll get a list up here soon) the he charges a small amount for.  You can download the free one by clicking here: Vintage Keyboard Screen Saver

After you load and activate this free version, you can get details on ordering the full version by clicking the "Settings" button on the Display Properties/Screen Saver tab.

Some combo organs you'll find in the full version include the Farfisa Compact, the Elka/Unicord Panther 300, the Gibson G101 and the Vox Continental.  There's also a Rhodes, a Mini-Moog, a B-3, a Baldwin Combo Harpsichord, a Hohner Clavinet D6, a Rhodes Piano bass and a couple more that I can't recall right now.

"Hopping Vox" and "Dancing Farf" Screen Savers

Simon also created a couple of neat screen savers that feature either a Vox Continental or a Farfisa Compact hopping all over the screen.  Download them by clicking here: Hopping Vox Screen Saver or here: Dancing Farf Screen Saver

1967 Baldwin Catalog

I have scanned images of a 1967 Baldwin musical instruments catalog.  It features the Howard and Baldwin Combo organs, plus the Electric Harpsichord, as well as an assortment of electric and acoustic guitars, banjos and amps.  Baldwin has given me permission to sell these images on CD.  Just send me $5 via PayPal and I'll send one out to you

Click the button below to pay.  If you're not already a PayPal member, follow the "If you have never paid  through PayPal" link to sign up and pay.  It's pretty quick and painless, but does require a credit card.


Raiders Coach model kit

Not the Voxmobile, nor the fabled Vox Continental model kit, but a pretty nice kit, nonetheless. It features a Vox Super Continental on the back, and Vox speakers on the sides. The organ is pretty small, but if you have a steady hand, you could produce a reasonable facsimile. I've got one myself. If I get it together, and it looks halfway decent, I'll put a picture up here. Click here to buy it: This kit is a 2000 reissue of the kit that originally came out in 1969. Click here to read more about the car and the kit: