Blue Organs

Like their Orange brethren, these organs break the mold of the "Red" combo organ and venture into new chromatic territory.

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The Howard combo, perhaps the quintissential "Blue" combo organ, backed up by it's big brother, the Baldwin BC-1, and a "matching" amp. Yamaha YC-20 The Whitehall Grand Prix, also available in a Duo version
The Kustom Kombo.  Available in SEVEN different colors, the Kombo is the undisputed "peacock" of the Combo Organ world And the Kombo's sibling, the Kombo II Here's a rare one - a Blue Vox Jaguar
The Phillips Phillicorda, here as J.C. Penney's "Penncrest" Does a Blue faceplate count?  Sure!  The Weltmeister TO-200! The Wards "Unknown" - very likely a "CRB Elettronica"