Miscellaneous Stuff

"Wheel out the Marshall, Ma, I feel like having a bash at "Space Trucking"!

(Thanks to Ken and his "wacky dad" for the picture above, and BaM for the caption.  Because of this, "Dad" has been made an honorary Combonaut)


And now, on the the (ahem) more serious stuff:


Cover from a 1968 Univox catalog, featuring a Panther 300 combo.  What a cool looking bunch of guys!

This fellow is so happy because he's playing a GEM model P! Yeah, things were real groovy back then (yeesh,  what an embarrassment!). The organ is a  Böhm model BnT.

Thanks to the many folks who identified it.  Sorry it took so long to get this page updated.

Heathkit ad for a Jaguar and amp - both for $598.  What a deal!  
The Dave Clark Five!  Note how the back leg braces meet at a single point - a UK Continental! Another of the DC5.  What photogenic group! "Sun-Ra" - one of the many happy millions of Eko Tiger owners (and one of the few ever actually seen on stage with one). The organ played on this album is a Hammond - the Panther is nowhere to be heard.  Click here for more info.